Principles of Asset Protection

There is no one "silver bullet" in asset protection. The term "asset protection" encompasses a number of planning and structuring mechanisms that may be implemented by a practitioner to minimize a client's exposure to risk. For each client the asset protection solution will be different, depending on (i) the identity of the debtor; (ii) the nature of the claim; (iii) the identity of the creditor; and (iv) the nature of the assets. These are four threshold factors that are either expressly or implicitly analyzed in each asset protection case. The analysis of these four factors determines what planning would be possible and effective for a specific client.

For each of your assets you can achieve different levels of protection. From simple and inexpensive, to the complex and comprehensive.

The various structures that are available to protect your assets can offer you varying degrees of protection. From some that are easy to set aside, to those that are legally or practically impossible to penetrate. How do you know which one you need?

You often don't know. It is difficult to determine in advance how aggressively or intelligently any given creditor will pursue your assets. You want to do the minimum necessary (so as not to pay more than you need to set up the structure), but enough to protect your assets.

Deciding what you want to protect is paramount - your home, your business, your financial investments or real estate investments. Next, define why you need protection and what level of protection you require. This information will help us to create an asset protection plan that is right for you.

Learn More About Asset Protection

Our in-depth website,, covers the gamut of asset protection subject matter. There you'll find detailed information about asset protection, case histories, commonly used structures, our published works and much more.


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